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Governor Awah Fonka of the West Region has said that the recent accident in his region recorded at least 21 deaths and about 38 Injured.
He was speaking yesterday in an official statement made after the tragedy hit his region late Saturday January 13, 2017.

The accident happened when the bus which left Douala for Dschang strayed off the road into a nearby tree.

While condoling with the affected families, the governor expressed fear that the death toll may increase looking at the critical situation of the victims. He said only the bus driver and about four others went uninjured. 

However, the exact cause of the accident is yet to be pointed out. This incident adds to a series of accidents in Cameroon which happen to be a call for concern.

In the last half of the year 2017, ARREYB News Reports has analyzed that about 5 major accidents occurred which took at least 20 lives in Cameroon( not to exaggerate). From the mile 29 accident, to Malingo in BUEA, to Douala, Bomaka and a host of others . 

We therefore call on the authorities that be to put in place every necessary measure to curb down road accidients in our communities.




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