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Defang Insurance School, DIS is founded by Mrs. Elizabeth A. Nkemngu (B. Ed, London, M.Sc, University of Southern California), publisher of 5 books on Nursery Education in Cameroon, National Insurance School Inspector since 1987 and well known educationalist.

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Nkemngu, Founder-DIS

The School’s Mission statement is to ensure that all children attain:

  • A high level of moral rectitude
  • A high level of academic excellence
  • Develop interest in the Arts, Sciences and critical thinking skills
  • Become responsible citizens in the community
    DIS – TIKO

This is why you should choose DIS:

  • We offer education in Anglo-Saxon tradition
  • We create a vibrant community in which all our children will excel
  • High standards are achieved and sustained
  • Very accessible and conducive study environment
  • An ultra-modern computer laboratory
  • We acknowledge God as our creator
  • A good library
  • A place for success

    Admission is opened to Nursery I and II (85,000FCFA including registration and feeding) and Primary I – VI (70,000FCFA including registration).

    A Booklist will be given after registration and fees can be paid in installments.

    DIS – TIKO
    DIS Tiko also offers a special fee reduction for parents with 3 or more children.

    Extra classes, computer courses, excursions and feasts would be organized and supported by school authority.

    DIS – TIKO

    DIS has qualified, experienced, efficient, happy, God-fearing and devoted staff.

    Contacts: 679-704-274 / 683-716-417 / 677-569-097


    DIS – TIKO