Cup Of Cameroon Final: PWD Bamenda Supporters Cry Poor Treatment In Yaounde

Supporters and fans of PWD Social Football Club of Bamenda who just won their first Cameroon cup have cried foul during their stay in Yaounde

According to information gathered from fans of the Bamenda based football club who travelled to Yaounde on Saturday 12 March, the treatment meted on them by management was poor

“Upon arrival in Yaounde on Sunday 13 March at about 2 am in the morning, the City Mayor of Bamenda and some officials took us to an open Launch and abandoned us there without food nor something to drink. We sat there till 7 am,” A fan told ARREYB Media

The diehard supporter added that even the little food that was served to them was poorly prepared and could not even go round.

Our source who is preferred to be anonymous also said on their way back to Bamenda on Monday 14 night, the City Mayor of Bamenda, Paul Achobong ‘dribbled’ them on the offer of 1 million FCFA that was given by minister Mbayu Felix as fans money

“We were just about 500 who returned to Bamenda and each of us supposed to receive more than 2000frs from the money, but the Mayor have us 1500frs each,” out source added

We learned that the supporters rejected the money in front of the Mayor in Yaounde, but later collected with dissatisfaction

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