“Covid-19 Test Is Free” Health Minister Manaouda Malachie Says

In a recent tweet, Cameroon’s Minister of public health, Dr Manaouda Malachie has said Covid-19 tests are free

The minister regrets that some nurses and health officials continously charge for screening

And since the outbreak of Coronavirus in Cameroon, patients have been victimised to paying huge amounts of money for a test

Many patients complained they payed hundreds of thousands to get tested

“It happens that some of our staff or hospitals still charge for screening tests, especially rapid tests which were made available for them.

In addition to your expected denunciations, I have just set up a mixed brigade (DGSN-MINSANTE) to track down all the people and structures that will continue to surf on the plight of Cameroonians to make money. I appeal to everyone’s vigilance” the minister wrote

But it’s a tussle

Other health personnel in the private sector have said the facilities made available by the ministry of health is not at their disposal

They have to spend money in getting them, so they charge the patients as well

The minister’s tweet did not address this part of the problem. It is expected that while the government puts in place measures to restrict payment for screening, it should shoulder the bills incurred by the private health sector which depends largely on its patients for survival

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