Cameroon: Bar. Akere Muna Declares His Candidature For 2018 Presidential Elections

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“It is with a great sense of responsibility and humility that I have decided to inform you of my intention to run for the office of President of the Republic of Cameroon in the elections constitutionally scheduled for 2018.”-Akere Muna 2018

When ARREYB first talked to Barrister Akere Muna few months ago on his candidature for Cameroon’s Presidential election, he told us clearly that he was yet to make a public stance on this. 

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Presumably we termed it a “Might Be” Presidential Candidature. 

However, following several calls from Cameroonians, the seasoned international lawyer has officially declared he would stand in for the 2018 presidential election in Cameroon

This was made public in a video which Barrister Akere sent a copy to ARREYB

He promises to be the solution Cameroonians have waited for- creating a “New Republic” with justice, fairness, tolerance and the absence of bribery and corruption. 

Many already see him as the ideal leader. His rich profile and contribution even on international scene places him on a better stand. 

Watch the complete declaration below:  

Short Profile

Akere Muna is a Cameroonian lawyer who is currently chairman of the Anti-Corruption Conference Council, a member of the high level group panel on illicit financial flows from Africa. 

He is former president of the Cameroon Bar Association and previously served as vice Chair of Transparency international. 

Akere Muna excels on his work as a lawyer and civil society organizations. 

Media opinion had long speculated Akere as the credible and possible successor to President Paul Biya especially with his achievements on anti-corruption. 

With the outbreak of the Anglophone upheavals last November, Akere Muna has been very instrumental both as a barrister in assisting the detained and holding certain talks. 

He was even summoned to the Cameroon Gendarmerie headquarters, SED based on five allegations. 

Would Akere Muna be the Moses to lead God’s children to the promise land?

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