Cameroon : Ambazonian Leaders State Conditions For Dialogue With Government

In response to a secret meeting between Cameroon’s government and Ambazonian leaders solve the anglophone crisis, the Ambazonia interim government has stated some conditions for possible dialogue with government authorities.

In order to bring lasting solutions to the anglophone crisis, Dabney Yerima, vice president of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia has stated some conditions for dialogue

– The withdrawal of all Cameroun military, trucks and gear from our streets and villages back into their barracks.

– The unconditional release and general amnesty of all detainees arrested because of the conflict and locked up in the various detention centres of Cameroun

– The granting of an amnesty for all Ambazonian refugees around the world to come back home without fear and police harassment

– The setting up of a time frame for negotiations in the presence of a third party on a neutral soil. they wrote.

The later signatories believe that the above measures if implemented will go a long way to put an end to the four years that has caused untold sufferings to the population.

It should be noted the rumor of a secret meeting between the two on July 2, 2020 was later on denied by Cameroon government.

Since the start of the Anglophone crisis, the death toll has stopped at least 4, 000 people killed including military, Ambazonia fighters and Civilians.

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