Biya Makes Covid-19 Donation After Reappearance With French Ambassador

President Paul Biya has through the minister of territorial administration, Paul Atanga Nji offered two billion francs worth special support to fight Coronavirus in Cameroon

The package to 360 Sub-divisions will comprise of test kits, face masks and tablets of soap, and is not offered as part of the government’s special solidarity fund created two weeks ago.

The donation follows Biya’s reappearance in public after 35 days of silence

In his return, Biya shared an image of himself with Christophe Guilhou, French Ambassador to Cameroon just days after Maurice Kamto appealed that he be declared incapacitated

In his caption, the incumbent president said it was a “fruitful discussion’ at the Unity Palace, that he and the ambassador talked on the fight against Covid-19 in Cameroon, France and the world

Some weeks ago, it was rumored that Biya was either incapacitated or not alive.

The ministry of communication refuted this in a press release claiming the president was doing fine but opposition leader Maurice Kamto insisted on seeing further proofs.

Weeks later, Public Health Minister, Manaouda Malachie on state media claimed the President called him every day in the morning and evening, to give instructions on how to effectively fight Covid-19 in Cameroon

But Biya has not addressed his citizens since Covid-19 hit the country.

As of Monday April 20, Cameroon had one thousand seventeen (1,017) cases – 305 recovered, 176 hospitalised, 33 under oxygen therapy and 42 deaths.
On social media, Cameroonians are increasingly demanding to hear him speak about the growing outbreak on the soil.

They want to see more concern, just like other presidents have done, sharing the pain and even making daily video appearances.

The Senegalese leader released a video of himself washing his hands. The Ugandan president posted footage of his indoor workout. The Guinean ruler gave a speech with face masks shielding his microphones.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who spent a week in intensive care with a severe case of the virus, allowed cameras to film him this month in a hospital bed.

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