Big Question: Will Paul Biya Fly To Attend The Queen’s Funeral?

Big Question: Will Paul Biya Fly To Attend The Queen's Funeral?

Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, who served for more than 70 years on the throne has died at the age of 96

Following the Queen’s death, several leaders around the world have paid tributes to her existence in social media posts and letters to the the British monarch

With the UK’s long-standing relationship with member countries of the Commonwealth which originated from the British Empire, it is expected that top leaders around the world will be flying into the United Kingdom to attend the funeral

But on social media, the news has led to several speculations on whether Cameroon’s ageing president, Paul Biya will travel to the United Kingdom or send a representative on his behalf

The controversy is raised as critics say president Paul Biya, 89, looked old and fragile in the most recent appearance with Emmanuel Macron, president of France during his visit to Cameroon on July 25, 2022

Several speculations on social media are looking forward to if president Paul Biya would take the 6 hours plus flight to attend the funeral.

After the death of Her Majesty Elisabeth II, Paul Biya now becomes the longest serving country leader in the world.

Biya became president in 1982 after he had served as prime minister since 1975. He took over from Cameroon’s first president, Ahmadou Ahijo and has been ruling for over 40 years now

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