Big Babanki: Soldiers Murder, Burn Old Man To Aches

Security forces have shot and burnt an old man named Tih Clo to death in Big Babanki, Mezam Division of the North West Region of Cameroon.

The soldiers reportedly stormed the Tonguh quarter neighbourhood searching homes when they met Tih Clo who had come to visit a friend.

It is believed Clo’s friend took to his heels while leaving him behind in his home. In the course of searching the soldiers then realised the owner of the home was a tradi-practitioner.

The soldiers then lashed out on the visiting old man, shot him to death and set his body ablaze.

“The past three days have not been easy in the village. The troops have burnt five houses and killed an old man, then they told us, that they will show us what we want by sexually abusing us,” a business woman in Big Babanki recounted.

Many people in Big Babanki have fled to bushes for fear of military brutality especially the young people who are believed to be the main target.

The presence of soldiers in Big Babanki was due to a request from Fon Benjamin Vutsiboung, traditional ruler of the village.

Fon Vutsiboung’s request to the government for troops came after Amba boys reportedly kidnapped and maltreated nearly one hundred women in Kejom Keku.

Thier abduction happened during a protest against exaggerating tax imposed on them by separatist fighters.

However, many have greatly criticized the Fon’s request for troops in Babanki including locals who have blamed the soldiers for looting in homes causing damage and stealing properties.

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