6 Members Of Kamto’s SCSI Detained As They Share Anti-Covid-19 Sanitary Kits

Cameroonian authorities have detained 6 members of the Survival Cameroon Initiative(SCSI) by Cameroon Renaissance Movement party-CRM.

A note issued by the CRM party said the detained persons included 5 males and a female, picked up by military forces on Monday May 11, 2020 as they distributed anti-Covid-19 materials.

Authorities said the 6 including one female were distributing masks and gels ‘without authorisation from the government’ .

Tchapock Aime Raoul, Tientcheu Benoît, Massugue Boyom Bibiane, Djieugoe Rodriguez, Fodjo Noubissi Serge and Kouimo Jean Claude are currently detained at the police station in Yaounde ll

Preceding the arrest, early last week, the coordinator of the Survival Cameroon Initiative announced he sent letter to the Minister of Justice, Laurent Esso, opting to distribute a consignment of protective masks and anti-Covid-19 gels nationwide, and in prisons.

The request, he said, was made just a week after the Minister of Public Health, Dr Malachie Manaouda declined a donation of anti-Covid-19 equipment from thesame group.

“Regarding my recent experience of prison conditions in our country, I can affirm prisons constitute an environment at very high risk of exposure to the devastating effects of this virus.

Knowing your high sense of responsibility and your attachment to the preservation of human life, SCSI proposes to put at your disposal an important consignment of barrier masks and hydro-alcoholic gels.” Christian Penda Ekoka said in his letter to the minister

The arrest comes a week after Amnesty International called on Cameroonian authorities to provide adequate medical care to detainees and put in place measures to prevent the virus from spreading in prisons.

According to recent updates, Cameoon now sits as the 7th most hit African country with 2,689 Covid-19 cases, 1,524 recoveries and 125 deaths.

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