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Abeg wuna watch and see for wuna-selves, make I no add anything.. 

Na wah oh!! If that devil be fit appear like a human being then wahala for be nor ..

Watch and See! 

On a serious note, why would Moslems not mock Christians for fighting all thier life what “does not exist”? 

Even if the devil could be beaten like some Christians claim, why has he not been beaten to death for all these years? 

Can you count how many beat him daily? That guy should be in serious trouble! 

Even those who claim to burn him with fire make matters worst.

Why does he burn today and get up tomorrow? 

Or you mean to tell me that “God’s fire” is seasonal or works for some time and the devil is powerful enough to fan himself from the heat? 

It is certain that Christians would have to get back to the drawing board. If for years , this has not been working out then certainly something should be wrong- perhaps not on God’s, then who? 

No doubt Moslems still emerge as the fastest growing religion in the world and presumably having their “fake knowledge” as Christians would call it. 

At times I wonder how the white man would live without believing some “gymics” and yet succeed far better than black’s whose fight with the devil should instead pay off. 

The Christianity presented NOW scales God and Satan on the same height and portrays them as Rivals

I am not a Moslem, I am not a Christian, I am a concerned writer who thinks Christianity needs change. 

Let me know what you think, leave a comment below! 


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