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Al-Shabaab, a Somalia-based insurgent group has referred to 71 year old President of the United States, James Donald Trump as a “brainless billionaire” for his “wrong” actions in trying to make his country great again, as presented by his slogan.
The video according to the SITE Intelligence Group was released on Sunday. It contained a viral video Trump tweeted weeks ago about him ‘beating’ CNN – his main target in the ‘fake news’ war with a section of the U.S. media.

It shows a masked Al-Shabaab soldier in military apparel who claims even though Americans had visions of a great nation upon the election of Trump, ‘‘what they underestimated, however, was the man’s level of stupidity,’‘ adding that what Americans got with Trump was ‘arguably the most stupid president a country could ever have” as reported by

Watch video below.

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