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By Sanda Groovy 

Likomba inhabitants once again received an evening visit accompanied by threats to school resumption by a group of anonymous individuals. 

Here is an eye witness account narrated to this reporter.  

On Sunday evening at about 6pm while walking  down my town(Likomba), I decided to visit a friend in his shop of cloths and shoes. 

The town was busy, bars opened, music playing in loud speakers and people moving randomly.

Of a sudden we heard random gunshots, everyone noticed the Amba boys in their numbers(about 15 of them) holding guns with red materials on their heads looking “swaggy” but terrorising”. 

Our eye witness continued the narration as they all rushed into hiding. “We heard nothing more but some boys speaking, they asked us to listen keenly”, she added. The team of anonymous boys warned kids to stay at home.  

However, on September 3 school resumed timidly in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon and one is yet to get a normal effect of the usual “rentre scholaire” compared to previous years. 

One is forced to doubt the fate of the school year coupled with the mixed informations presented . It should be noted that few days ago, a memo reported to be from the Anglophone struggle  activists circulated social media calling for school resumption in accordance with the government while denying to assure any safety of children . 

It is therefore confusing how threats could follow minutes after a memo in accordance with school resumption in the contested geographical location of English Cameroon. 




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