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The Institute of Commercial management, London, UK has begun admitting students for her next professional session which begins this July in her Buea and Douala Campuses. 

Registration is currently going on at her headquarters offices. In Buea, the campus is located at the top floor of Summerset Bilingual college Molyko, opposite 4 Etage before Check Point. In Douala, the campus is located at Ancienne Route Bonaberi en face Pharmacie de Bonambappe. 

For this professional session, ICM is targetting degree and masters students who are job searching. A cooperate job could be be earned upon completion of her six months international professional diploma programme for deserving students. 

I’ll give you some reasons why I choose ICM and why you should! 

  • ICM takes just 50 persons per course. This is an international standard which allows effective learning and also makes it very possible to have the student-teacher relationship.
  • With ICM, it’s sure you leave with a corperate job. There are many testimonies which can affirm this. 
  • ICM’s classes start from 4pm to 8pm on week days and from noon to 4pm on Saturdays. In other words, its damn convenient! 
  • Since establishment in the early 1970s, ICM’s international borderless qualifications are recognised in over 130 countries worldwide. This is unlike other institutions. 
  • ICM negotiates internship placement for students and their competence guarantees them the jobs.
  • They do Six months training of experts in a variety of disciplines
  • Traveling with an ICM certificate is authentic as she is internationally recognised. Thier certificates replace any show of an English proficiency

The Institute of Commercial management is currently providing international professional degrees in marketing, management and Human Resource management. 

Amazingly, the international borderless qualifications with ICM are recognised by employers in more than 130 countries. Her awards also provide numerous routes into Higher education.

The institute is currently providing a degree and certificate courses to thousands of students worldwide. 

Advanced Level and Bacculerate certificates can also be accepted for a normal degree program or single subject crash program in different disciplines with competent oriented studies. 

The school offers a competent oriented form of international professional diploma studies and runs for only six months. Application for receptionist and other professional experts is ongoing.  

Although an awarding and examining body, ICM is a huge employer with hundreds of staffs across the world. She has every department you should require for a matured educational system.

Choose the Institute of Commercial management as your awarding body and select from over 200 different single subjects and widest range of professional qualifications. 

You can obtain an international professional diploma in:  

  • Customer service
  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Tourism marketing and promotion
  • Project management
  • Human Resource development
  • Marketing management
  • Office procedures and administration
  • Public relations
  • Advertising, etc. …  

Visit any of their campuses during office hours for more inquiries (08am to 4pm on weekdays) 

Contact ICM on 674 633 096 / 696 111 222 or send a mail to 





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