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Amy Colle Dieng has been arrested by Senegal police for insulting president Macky Sall in a WhatsApp audio.

38 year old musician was taken by the Senegal police for further questioning on why she made such daring utterances.

The WhatsApp group in question is one sympathetic to Karim Wade, son of former President Wade.wp-image--1522571439

In reaction to this, Senegal’s top prosecutor, Serigne Bassirou Gueye has warned website administrators not to allow their platforms for such detrimental insults.

Amy Colle has however admitted she is the author of the Audio

Listen to the Audio below.

Oooppsss it might be in the Senegalese language.


  1. “Indeed this was such an insult; very very bad.” My concern however is, Why would this person post this in English, while the whole talk or the so called insult is in a language that only a Senegalese would understand.
    It would have served the purpose if you translated into English.

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