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By Ngong Linus Sallah on ARREYB 

Presidential aspirant and candidate for the Cameroon National Citizens Movement (CNCM), Prophet Franklin Ndifor has presented his manifesto in a recent press briefing in Douala. 

The man of God has vowed to wipe out corruption and embezzlement of public funds and also institute federalism in Cameroon if he is made President.

Top on his agenda was the reforming of the entire Cameroon educational system which according to him is plagued with corruption.

The founder and overseer of Kingship International Ministry amongst other things reiterated that his government will audit the state, change the form of the state to a federal system and skyrocket the supply of energy by introducing solar energy.

About restructuring educational systems, prophet Frank as he popularly called, said he will professionalize education by the identification of talents at tender ages.

The aspirant promises to transform prisons into moral and vocational training centers and computerize public financing and security systems with cameras planted on the streets and public institutions.

There will also be the use of electronic cards at tollgates and central markets will be eliminated in preference to shopping malls in all quarters.

Despite the Anglophone crisis, Cameroon’s electoral body, ELECAM has set October 7 as the date for elections. 

Only this day will tell who succeeds President Biya especially in turbulent times of the Anglophone Crisis. 




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