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Months after President Paul Biya’s promise of 500,000 laptops, resources have been mobilized to begin distribution to eligible students. The grant which was announced in July 2016 to students in public and state recognized private higher institutions of learning has been criticized by pundits to be a political gesture.

The fact that Cameroon will loan over 75 billion has made many react to the grant saying it will increase the burden on tax payers. 

While their talks are lost in thin air, due procedures have been established for students to receive these laptops. In Yaoundé, the anxious students queue up for several hours to get themselves fingerprinted, a strategy to ensure that no one collects more than one computer during distribution. To be entitled to a laptop, you are required to have completed fees and registered online. While many students express the stress involved and the patience to follow up the procedure, what remains in doubt is the uncertainty hovering around the exact distribution date. Some students have received it with open arms but many suspect the grant to be the president’s method of ensuring a regular vote in the upcoming presidential elections.