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Popular Cameroonian Comedian, Senior Pastor Reveals Shocking Experience With Fans-A Lady Who Sents Him A Nude Photo With Note “See What You Are Missing”

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Senior Pastor is a Cameroonian comedian who stands out as one of the best in English Cameroon. His real name is Christian Best and has toured the world with his comedy. 

In an exclusive interview with ARREYB, the comedian shared a life experience. You cant help but LOL and be entertained at the end of this interview- experiences and odds of his carrier. Read on…
Excerpt: “It was horrible one day, a lady sent me a naked photo of herself and told me “see what you are missing”

How did u get the name Senior Pastor? 

The name Senior Pastor started when I was a drummer in church, I would always make people laugh during our normal choir rehearsals and one day my pastor’s wife called me a laughing minister of the laughing ministry. From there I decided and said to myself “if there is a laughing ministry, then there should be a senior pastor of that ministry”. That is how I got the name Senior Pastor of the Laughing Ministry. 

 What has been your worst experience in your Comedy career?

I can tell you a whole lot. My worst experience was 3 years ago when I went to present in SONARA after a match pass ceremony on 1st May. 

The people were hungry and most of them were French speaking. Under that sun, I came to speak after the newly posted GM. I was speaking and people were insulting me in their French language.  I struggled and finished, as i handed the mic I did not even wait, they abused and I was only going.

The organizer even asked me to come and take money and I told them to eat their money. It was really horrible, I ran. 

How long have you been into comedy? 

Professionally 6 years. I have several comedy albums and audios circulating nationwide. I started from audio then got into the albums and various shows. My popular comedy crusade has been outstanding. My last comedy crusade brought many international comedians like Gordons.

Any achievements so far? 

Senior pastor has hosted the biggest comedy show in English Cameroon, bringing international comedians like Gordons, Basket Mouth and many others. I am one of the first who has brought international comedians on one platform. 

Gordons, African China, Clint The Drunk Akpororo and others have been to my show.

Also, I have been out of the country on several occasions just for comedy. This year I am the finalist on Alibaba Continuity Program in Nigeria coming up on January 1st 2018. All these are enough achievements already. 

What triggered you to get into comedy?

Triggered? Do I need to be triggered? Hunger just made me pick up my mic. We are just doing comedy. 

I didn’t choose comedy. Comedy choosed me. My fist time to MC an occasion, somebody called me to bring my original jokes to the radio. That was Big Mammy Agatha. That was how I started and that even led to my very first audio recording. Just like that till i got to this stage of comedy. 

As a comedian how do you manage real life and when you intend to get serious? 

One thing my parents did is to make me differentiate between Christian Best (my name) and Senior Pastor (the comedian). I am not a clown, I am a comedian. Many people even meet me on the way and just tell me “senior pastor make me laugh” and at times I tell them its not all fun. I try to draw the line. Even my facial look would not tell you I am a comedian. 

Senior Pastor & Prophet Ayuk Raymond

Married, engaged or single and searching? 

We are just there. If you say married, some sister would not be believing God. If u say engaged, its a problem, a sister would not help you tomorrow, if you say single, the sister will still be angry and not help you so we are just there.

So what should the ideal lady have to steal your heart? 

Steal my heart? You have to be willing and also able to stay knowing that I am a traveller. Understand my job and know when am needed around.

Has a lady ever approached you? 

Hahhhh many! It was horrible one day; a lady sent me a naked photo of herself and told me “see what you are missing”. But I believe when getting to the level of a public figure you should be able to deal with it so I try to. 

So how do you cope with the ladies who come around the young handsome comedian? 

You must cope with it. You must be a “copper”???. You must attract them but manage it, because they are your fans and “air conditions”..LOL

So Senior Pastor what is your message to your fans and “air conditions”?  LOL

Am I happy for their support. We might not be where we want to be but thank God we are no longer where we were. 

Am grateful for their continuous support, God being our helper I promise to always give them the best too. 

For our growing comedians, the problem we have in the industry is that many are talented but have no skill. Blend the two and make it work. This world is looking for skillful people and not just the talented.

Any upcoming event? 

Of course our Comedy Clinic ward 1 and 2 have been one of the best comedy programs and massively attended. We have a Comedy Crusade coming up in Limbe and Buea.

Meet us in Limbe on Sunday 22nd October at Limbe Council Hall while Buea on Sunday the 29 October 2017 at chariot Hotel. Please come massively, its free but you would buy a ticket… LOL

Thank you ARREYB for having me. I commend my fans to keep reading you for exciting and thrilling content. Your good and exceptional at what you do! 

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