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A joint coalition of 5 young women led CSO/NGO for peace and mediation advocates in the persons of Baiye Frida, Dopgima Stella, Emilia Epeti, Feka Parchibell and Ostencia Nsih have cried foul to the practices of kidnap, rape and torture of women, teachers and children in the current Anglophone crisis in Cameroon.

The 5 organisations which form the “Women Coalition For Peace And Development” have said that “if president Biya Declared War, then he can equally declare peace”. They have called on the president to use his powers to negotiate urgent dialogue and peace in the contested regions of English Cameroon.

The women equally showed a desire to mediate on issues of the Anglophone Crisis and restore hope to those affected while being non partisan to any of the contesting forces.

Two years into the Anglophone Crisis, hundreds have been recorded dead, over a thousand homes burned , dozens of schools attacked and over 250,000 people have fled their homes .

The coalition is calling on the state and none state parties to drop their weapons and give peace a chance by engaging into meaningful dialogue.

We do not accuse any party for causing the war. We have all failed and we should all accept peace by giving dialogue a chance” they said.

On the upcoming AGC, the group has urged the conference conveners to involve all parties and various factions of the Crisis; representatives of soldiers, youths, diaspora activists, traditional leaders, lawyers, school authorities and the “Amba” group representatives.

AGC would be incomplete without a representative of every faction“- they said in a Sunday press conference.