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After the Cameroon media carried several reports that a certain Brenda Biya was candidate for the Entrance Examination into ENAM General Administration Cycle, many comments as well as appreciations were recorded and first daughter Brenda Biya has reacted promptly to Critics saying “Cameroon is for all Cameroonians.”

Brenda was a candidate into Cycle B Administrative Division of the Higher National School of Administration and Magistracy and Cameroonians thought it was a well-tailored political scheme orchestrated by her father, Paul Biya. 

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Well, Brenda has made an open reaction to the public comments recently on a tweet which she put up in the French language condemning the criticizing nature of Cameroonians towards her education. 

“If you study abroad, they will criticize. You return to your country, they will do the same. Do you Know that Cameroon belongs to all Cameroonians.”

Screenshot: Brenda Biya’s tweet

This post was however received with mix comments. Over 161 retweets and 200 comments, some sited with her while others think Brenda is running from the atrocities she must have committed back in the diaspora.
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