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Nollywood actor and son of Pete Edochi, Yul Edochie has sparked rumors that he is running for Governor of Anambra .This was done following his instagram and twitter posts with a photo of himself and hint for his candidature. 

He captioned it “My name is Yul Edochie. And Im running for Governor of Anambra State. 2017.#TheLastBusStop”. 

As if not ended, Yul Edochie shared the same picture the second time, this time with caption “We need a new brand of Leaders who will put the masses first. The older ones have failed us for too longThey have come to THE LAST BUS STOP!!!.

His post has triggered many comments and follow-up articles on social media. While some say he is looking for money, others see it as a good move. However, the actor has not mentioned the party he intends to use as his platform. The Anambra Governorship Elections is scheduled to take place on the 18th of November, 2017 and we are yet to get more of his political ambitions. 


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