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A pastor has been arrested in Ghana’s Ashanti region for making noise in one of his services.

The church which local media confirmed to be House of Bethel Ministry got its pastor arrested when Minister Simon Osei Mensah made calls to some police authorities.

Mensah told the local media (Citi FM) that the arrest was necessary after the church authorities refused to turn down the volume of their equipments despite several warnings. 

He had entered the church around midnight in the middle of some prayers to caution them and the minister noted that the moment he left, the volume rather increased. “I had no option than to call the police” he added.

The local church pastor, Reverend Kwame Takyi was detained and later released after several cautions, Africa News reported.

Church authorities however, say that particular service has always been organised on a monthly basis and those around there must have got acquainted with it. 


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