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“Help an orphan with food and at best, you’ve helped for a day. Give him a skill and you have helped his entire lifetime”
            ——— BFF 2018 ———-

The Bright Future Foundation and Epikiazo Foundation is presenting the “Teach A Child How To Fish” project in partnership with ARREYB Media

How It Works
The aim of the project is to change orphanages from a “pity center” to a “business center”. This would be done by training these orphans with basic entrepreneurial skills that would assist them make lifetime cash for themselves. 

For this season, the team targets 10 orphanages and orphans who would be taught skills like arts, painting, beads making, bags and shoes rebranding and production of paper bags. 

On July 28, this project was officially launched at Mountain Kids Orphanage, Bokwango(Buea) and the team would be visiting other orphanages within the next 2 months. We look forward to having an exhibition day for all participants. 

The initiative is headed by Rabiatou Queen, President of Bright Future Foundation, Isaac Achenek,founder Epikiaso Foundation and Arrey Bate, founder ARREYB Media. 
So far, the ARREYS family has been a sponsor from the start and the initiative is still open to sponsors and donors. 

Contact : 6 73 38 38 49

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