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The Mayor of Buea, Patrick Ekema Esunge has again resurfaced after a long silence since the certificate scandal. He was live on CRTV’s Sunday Program, Cameroon Calling July 30th but failed to say anything about the scandal.

The Mayor’s public talk debunked all claims of depression on the certificate scandal. It was even said that the Mayor was at a critical point of soliloquizing. This however did not seem to be the case. Patrick Ekema Esunge instead fired back at religious leaders who have been unable to pay teacher’s salaries following the recent instabilities with the Anglophone problem.

He said they should be ready to face the full consequences if found guilty for “misappropriation of funds”.

This was his reaction to the ongoing case between parent’s consortium and church leaders over salary pay.

He called on the Presbyterian Church leaders to pay teachers during strike action if no money has been refunded to parents.wp-image-938449880.

“Misappropriation of funds” was his main focus. “If a church leader happens to be a proprietor, then he should stand for it or face the full consequence”, he added. He concluded by suggesting a reimbursement plan to pay back parents or staff.

Mayor Ekema has once again played his good game of politics and kept critics waiting. After few weeks of silence coupled with the recent certificate scandal, one would have expected an open reaction from him but he has chosen to ignore the scandal. It remains ironical that the posts, accusations and online slanders have yet been replied with a suggestion to Church leaders.



  1. Crtv can not talk against their self. He is part of Crtv that is why the question about certificate was not ask to him

  2. Comment:His motive is very clear,he wishes to keep his position, thereby ignoring the issue on ground

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