Kenyan Rift Valley Splits Dividing Home of 72 Year Old At Dinner Table. Geologists Say Africa Would Soon Split !

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After heavy rains and seismic activities early this week in one of Kenya’s rift valley, Geologists have analyzed that the African continent may soon split into two.

The heavy rains left a huge tear which is about 50 feet deep and about 20 feet wide. They analyze that in about 50 million years the continent would split into two; the Somali tectonic plate and the Nubian plate which could also be called the African plate.

The newly formed Somali plate would comprise of Somalia, Kenya, part of Ethiopia and Tanzania . They add that the split is caused by weak earth zones and fault lines.

Kenyan geologist, David Adede said the movement is a shield volcano called “Suswa”.

Suswa is at the base of the rift valley with a high record of tectonic activities. He added that “in the near future if this happens we shall have the Somali plate separating from the Nubian plate. The Somali Plate is moving away from the Nubian plate at a rate of 2.5cm”.

Kenyan local media have reported that the activities of the plate have already caused some tension on the Mai Mahiu-Narok road and the government has filled a section with rocks and stones to allow cars ply the road.

The house of a 72 year old woman was also affected as it was split into two while she and her family were taking dinner.

The spot however is just one of the numerous other weak spots across the African continent running through the horn right up to Mozambique.



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I've never known you to be selfish, share this with someone!

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