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Today we zoom in on one of Cameroon’s spoken word artist, writer and poet.

T. Boris Alemnge recounts a pitiful scene caused by the ongoing Anglophone crisis in Cameroon. He paints the picture and plight of what the standing Cameroon Anglophone crisis has resulted to; the killings, murder, torture, misery and pain.

I Saw Mummy’s Killers” is a writing that would make your eyes watery :


by T.Boris Alemnge

“I saw mummy’s killers
On my journey to seek safety.
When suddenly, images flipped through my mind.

Images of that day,
When mum & I defiled the dangers of the woods,
Running amidst the sounds of bombs & guns,
When suddenly,
I heard a scream.
“Ahhh! Mandiba my son! I’ve been slayed”

In horror I turned back.
finding mum in a pool of blood,
I screamed in frustration.
With my bare nails,
I dog a narrow hole
& with zero honor, I laid her to rest.

I saw my mummy’s killers.
Remorseless & Unapologetic.
Hunger for murder still strolling in their eyes,
Anxiety to pull the trigger still evident in their shaky fingers.

I saw my mummy’s killers,
Still daring to pull me out of the bus & landing my poor knees to the ground.
Still daring to ask me for _”choko”_
& spitting on me & my mum’s memories.
I felt like strangling at least one of them,
I felt like pulling our their mask & send them running mad to their “master”.

I saw my mummy’s killers
But who am I before this huge masked men
Armed from head to toe
Working under cover
& poor me,
Just having my little voice to scream,
& my God to pray”.

About T.Boris Alemnge

T.Boris Alemnge

T.Boris Alemnge is a law student from the University of Buea. As a passion, he engages into creative writings (poetry, stories etc).

He is the founder of “STAGE LIFE ink”, a spoken poetry & stage play group which he operates alongside his duties as General Organiser of Black Youths Alliance, a pro united black African union.

Contact: 673606607
Facebook name: -T.Boris Alemnge Facebook page: STAGE LIFE

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  1. The poem is good, loving the way he moves from one scene to another in a collective sphere of words. Amazing piece, ride on T Boris

  2. Good poem, it really portrays the situation at hand. It would have been ao sweet if the rhyme scheme was maintain. Good job Boris

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