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Retired Advocate general of the Supreme Court, Ayah Paul Abine has been taken to the hospital due to a deteriorating health condition.

Ayah Paul in the month of June was rushed to a hospital in Yaounde for medical attention but seems his health is not getting any better. Over five months in prison, the ageing politician was rushed to the hospital again yesterday about midday as alarmed by his son Ayah Ayah.wp-image-1703152854

After several medical tests the doctor reports a high level of blood pressure. His health-crippling state could be a result of the boredom experienced in the prison in solitude.

The family spokesman gave hint of an escort of about two fully loaded military vehicles that followed him to the hospital where he got medical treatment.

We wish him a speedy recovery.

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  1. a nation that was known for peace is now being observed as one ruled by a tyrant, we pray that the light shine forth for even their entourage to see.

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