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French politician, Stephan Poussier has been arrested after a recent tweet on the death of a policeman who was killed in place of some hostages held by a group of armed jihadists.

Colonel Arnaud Beltrame’s death has received much applause and as well as sympathy from the outside world as he died saving an innocent hostage.

He was shot and stabbed after he gave himself in place of an unarmed woman. The late Colonel had also been declared a hero by French President Emmanuel Macron and a state tribute conducted to his body.

Poussier’s arrest came few hours after his tweet which made a mockery of the Police’s death saying “one less macron voter”.

His post was written in French but we loosely translated to English:

“Each time a police is shot, I think of my friend Remi Fraisse. .. This time it was a colonel, this is great. It implies one less Macron voter”.

Though his account was suspended hours later, the effect of his tweet as an opinion leader was wide spread.

Mixed reactions have gone on social media and speculations are that he might spend up to six years in prison. Authorities are yet to make a legal statement on his charge or punishment for the mockery.




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