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We thought it was all over until more was unveiled to us on the possible come together between Cameroon’s celebrity artist, Daphne and Equinox’s outstanding journalist Prince Nfor Hanson Nchanji. ARREY-B being the first platform to publish the gist got thousands of reactions both home and abroad.

Prince Hanson,Equinox journalist – Daphne, Cameroon artist

Can the “Calee-Equinox bond” be the bond of the year?????

It had gone so viral and speculations are that Daphne may fire back a reply from her recovery bed to finally clear the air on this issue.  


As if social media posts weren’t enough, Prince Hanson fired back yesterday in a private chat with his mentee Ajong Santos. It is rather fortunate that his leaked chat gave more weight to our course.

From Abu Dhabi, Ajong Santos, seasoned media communicator who had been with his mentor (Prince Hanson) for years back in Cameroon was surprised by the media uproar and decided to hear from the horse’s mouth. Their leaked chat unveiled a whole scene.

Prince Hanson clearly debunked any erotic feeling for Daphne though commenting her as a lovely girl and good housewife.

 “…No interest, I have my girl. I just like her track… she is a lovely girl and could be a good housewife, singer and friend…”

What’s up with the comments if you can’t hook up with her? Or is there anything we are yet to find out? However, Hanson made it clear that his recent “Love” showered on social media for Daphne as an artist should not be mistaken. He is just a concerned fan.

The gist continues…

See screenshots of full chat between Hanson and his mentee, Ajong Santos below…screenshot (2)screenshot (1)