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35-year old Chinese man was wheeled into the emergency room in the Liaoning province on June 20 with 15 needles inserted into his genitals. It was only recently that he started getting the repercussion.

 He had been inserting the needles into his penis for over a year. He only decided to seek medical attention when he experienced acute pain and bleeding after urination. The man was admitted at the general hospital in the Shenyang Military Region, China. wrote that after questioning, the man admitted he put the needles himself. Doctors suspect that he did it for sadomasochistic sexual pleasure. Urologists Dr Liu Long and Dr. Cao Zhiqiang were the ones who carried out the difficult surgery, removing all the 15 pins out of his genitals, some of which measured up to 10cms.

Surprisingly, the doctors revealed the case was nothing out of the ordinary. In the past, people were brought into the emergency room with things as bizarre as ball pen refills and thermometers inserted into their penis. An x-ray report showed that the needles were inserted in his urethral region and under normal circumstances; the act would have caused a lot of pain to any other person and may have found it difficult to carry out the piercing act. But the person admitted to have inserted the needles with the flat end or the pinhead up into his urethra. This explains how he managed to put 15 of those needles inside. The doctor suspects that it was a part of a strange sadomasochistic fetish done by some people who have issues such as paraphilia.continue reading