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We confirmed the name Brenda Biya as candidate For Entrance Examination into ENAM General Administration Cycle. 
Cameroon’s first daughter Brenda is a candidate into Cycle B Administrative Division of the Higher National School of Administration and Magistracy.

Could this be serious? President Biya allows his daughter to sit in as a candidate for the ENAM exams in the same classroom as others? 

Cameroonians think this decision is a well-cooked strategy by the president who is good in his political games. Some think he probably wants to clear the scandal of him sending his daughter abroad for studies when Cameroon has higher institutions, coupled with an extravagant life she lived as circulated by a social media video.  

Well, this all seems a good presidential effort but let’s wait to have the full picture of the game. Ears to the ground for any recent unfolding. 
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