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Cameroon has lost its former Minister of Public Health, Dr. Gottlieb Lobe Monekosso who died early this week after he was taken to the Douala General Hospital. 
Dr. Monekosso’s reign as minister had led to great strides and medical beef up in Cameroon as many remote and isolated areas got health facilities. 

On international scene, Lobe Monekosso was former African Regional Director of the World Health Organization before his appointment as Cameroon’s Health Minister in 1997. 

Back in 2012, he was honored in London with the Gold Medal for the Prestigious Queen Elisabeth II Competition organized by the Royal Society of Public Health among professionals of the Common Wealth, Cameroon Journal reports. 

Born on November 13, 1928 his activities still benefit the average person in the country today and his expertise is applauded in the international health sector. 

RIP Lobe Monekosso




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