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London based Cameroon Afro singer, Robinson has released his long awaited single titled ‘Forever’.

The song produced by one of Cameroon’s finest producers Philbillbeatz is a love story where the singer promises to be there and do anything for his woman and treat her right.

Robinson first discovered his love for singing when he became an Altar Servant (mass boy) at the Catholic Church Bamenda UP-Station where he served for 7 years. He later joined the Youth Choir Group and not only did he sing worship and praises, he also played the drums.

While growing up, he always listened to his favorite RNB singer; the legendary R.Kelly falling deeply in love with some of his hits like ‘world’s greatest’ and ‘trapped in the closet’ series. However after discovering Afro music through Nigerian singers Style Plus and Bracket, the singer fell deep in love with Afro music.

The ‘Forever’ singer who currently serves in the British Army says he is now ready to engage full time into his musical career.


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