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Though incumbent President of the Bar Council, Barrister Jackson Ngnie Kamga wanted to be re-elected, Barrister Charles Tchakoute Patie has ascended after a general meeting.

His victory has raised aspirations as many watch to see his reign especially with the huddles lawyers faced in the past two years in connection to the Cameroon Anglophone crisis.

Days to elections, a lawyer had confided in The Sun Newspaper why they saw him as the best choice.

“Barrister Tchakounte should be voted as Batonnier because he is level headed and understands the stakes of the profession taking into consideration that he is a blend of both the Common Law and the Civil Law.

Little wonder, they conclude, he was trained by a Common Law Lawyer Senator Barrister Chief Nfor Tabentando” (The Sun published)

However, hundreds of lawyers of the Cameroon Bar Association converged in this year’s Elective General Assembly which saw him suceed Bar. Jackson Ngnie Kamga as the new Bar President.

The Douala based Lawyer has served for over 26 years and his mandate for the two years is placed under the slogan “We shall not work alone”. His win comes 3 years after he narrowly lost the 2015 elections against same Ngnie Kamga.