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Mayor Ekema Patrick Esunge of the Buea municipality has given bikers one condition to resume work – that they resume on Monday.

For over a month now, biking activities (both commercial and private ) have been restricted in the community and bikers tabled challenges as that was their source of income.

Ekema’s only condition seems to be a hard task for the bikers who fear to cross the path of restoration forces who instituted the Monday ghost towns in the contested territory of Anglophone Cameroon. Several attempts to abort the ghost town rules have proved futile

The decision has however placed these bikers on a dilemma. They fear the ghost town days which occasionally witnesses gunshots.

Months ago, thesame Mayor had sealed over 800 shops and businesses in Buea for respecting ghost town on Mondays. These shops were later opened under an “administrative tolerance”.

It is not yet known if these bikers would heed to this condition and resume in the days ahead.

(Source: TeboPost)