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Thursday November 1, 2018, a driver has been detained after he stabbed two kids in Buea.

The man in question is the family driver and lives in thesame house with these kids and their parents.

Local Media reports that the driver took these kids out in the absence of thier parents during the day.

While the exact reason for the act is yet to be known, sources say the driver had demanded a 2.5 million ransom in a midnight phone call which was not paid.

One of the boys died instantly as he sustained several wounds while the second kid gave up the ghost early today at the Buea regional hospital after profuse bleeding

The 8 year old girl who is the eldest among the children is presently responding to treatment.

The driver is presently under policy custody in Buea for questionin


The above images were only used for story demonstration and not in any way related to the scene


Published With additional reports from Mediafrique Radio