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Over half a dozen people are feared dead resulting from a ghastly road accident at about 6:30pm Friday 2nd July. Our source told us that the accident occurred around IRAD Ekona when a truck hit a bus transporting people from Ekona direction. The corpse of those who died on the spot have been wrapped pending evacuation while those badly injured where rushed to nearby hospitals.

A source comments to ARREY-B “I am just from the hospital and it is a fatal one”.

Another writes “I saw an old man take his last breath in the hospital. I felt as if I could do something but just the drop from my eyes”.

More updates as we discover



  1. Does Cameroon have road safety police? If yes what are they doing abouth these accidents?. They’re good in collecting money rather than checking what they have to check.

  2. So all we have to do now is wait and hope that they don’t postpone or ajourn the cases again. We have lost our confidence in this government.