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Cameroon’s opposition party chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi has written to President Paul Biya on the state of affairs in the Anglophone regions.

Fru Ndi’s letter denounced and condemned every atrocity carried out by the regime’s military on the English speaking Cameroonians.

“I must draw your attention to the daily atrocities in this part of the country (English speaking regions) .

Every day that passes, an innocent Cameroonian dies and a woman loses her husband”. (Africa News)

Painting a bitter picture of unwarranted arrests, torture and maiming of some Anglophone Cameroonians even without crime, the 77 year old politician saw the need for a reconcilatory assignment to be carried out.

Fru Ndi also spoke about a rising hate speech between the English speaking Cameroonians and thier french counterparts.

To him, if this rising hate speech is not resolved, the country would suffer an impending danger which might result to a civil war.

Fru Ndi has repeatedly blamed president Biya for the Anglophone crisis.

In July 2017, the SDF party chairman told the UN to hold president Biya responsible if war breaks out in Cameroon.

“Biya has given deaf ears to the Anglophone communities … This is very disturbing … The Anglophone communities are boiling ” He said

The Anglophone crisis which began in October 2016 has gone beyond a social media quarrel as it was called. Several lives have been lost and the English community continuously live in fear of the unknown.