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Some leaders of the interim government of the “Federal Republic of Ambazonia” including the president, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, Tassang Wilfred and 8 others have been arrested. 

Their arrest comes years after the escalation of the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon which began since October 2016. 

It was confirmed by Chris Anu, communication secretary for the interim government in a press release stating their arrest.  

The group was taken at Nera Hotel, Abuja on January 5 2018 alongside 8 others during a brief meeting with some members of his cabinet. 

At the moment of this report, their place of detention had not been revealed but the secessionist camp accuses the government of The Republic of  Cameroon for mastermind their arrest with gunmen who got to the scene barely two hours into their meeting which discussed the refugee problem faceed by the just relocating population of Manyu to Nigeria. 

So far,a huge call has gone on social media urging the government to release the 10 man team. 

See complete list of those arrested below 



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