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Cameroonian striker Njie Clinton has received caution from Coach Hugo Broos to live a disciplined life for the sake of his carrier. The Belgian Coach knowingly omitted the Marseille striker in his squad for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier next month. 

Though admitting Njie’s ability and talent in the field of play, the coach warned him to show discipline if he must be part of his squad.

See Coach Hugo’s comment of Njie Clinton’s absence as reported by the BBC

“Njie Clinton is not here because of poor discipline. He is a good player with many qualities as we saw during the preparation games before the Africa Cup of Nations against the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zimbabwe…

But 10 days later during the first [Nations Cup] game against Burkina Faso and also Guinea Bissau he was [playing] at only 50 percent. He must change his attitude and put in the work required if he is to turn the qualities he possesses into success at the top level.

Even Ronaldo or Messi are always working hard; he thinking that he’s the best doesn’t work, it doesn’t work in Marseille either. He is more on the bench than on the field of play. He is a player with the qualities to play in Marseilles; it is his responsibility because he is not playing. I said this already to him in Gabon. I hope he will understand because he is a good player…”

Meanwhile, the team has continued their preparation for their upcoming encounter against Morocco, come June 10.



  1. That’s a great one there arrey. Talent is as cheap as table salt. But discipline makes the difference. I think this is a wise coach. More grace to u coach Hugo