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South Africas popular radio presenter, Ravi Govender has been fired by the public broadcaster, SABC, for calling President Jacob Zuma a “zombie in a Facebook post.

News 24 reports that the Radio Lotus presenter had his contract terminated because he cost SABC a loss of reputation by his Facebook post. Kaizer Kganyago, SABC spokesman says the reporter has not vented since his dismissal but had earlier apologized and claimed he put up the post after listening to one of Zumas speeches at the African National Congress conference in Johannesburg. 

Reports say these were the words in the post which was later deleted:

”Just heard a Zombie Zuma giving a speech on the news. Massacring the beautiful English language. Uneducated creature. Even the other moron [Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe] speaks much better,” 

Many still doubt the initial prompting of Ravi Govenders post which caused his dismissal. However, President Jacob Zumas son, Edward has promised to fire a legal suit against Mr Ravi based on hate speech.

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