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SDF has just written her latest decision on school resumption as far as the anglophone crises is concerned 

Hear her write: 

The body disclosed that no schools will resume in the Anglophone regions. This decision was taken by the leading executives of the national party this Saturday, August 5. 

  • Resolve the issues presented by the Anglophone teachers subsystem of Education.
  • Release the people who are incarcerated in relation to the crisis.
  • Demilitarized the North West and South West Regions.
  • Make possible the unconditional return of teachers, lawyers and others who have fled the Country as a result of the crisis.
  • Stop further arbitrary arrest and harassment in the North West and South West Regions.

These among other intriguing points was penned in a communiqué recently released.

Signed Communique
But would their combine position change anything? 

A question that would only be answered in the days ahead. Hears to the ground!


  1. How can the government send people to u.n.when the real people to talk to them are in jail? Southern Cameroon volunteer to join French Cameroon and today the going is not going.why not let them go.They were not conquer in was a free will.

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