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To counter the actions and efforts of those against school resumption, Nfor Tabetando, Senator of Manyu Division has promised to go down on his knees if schools do not resume come September 2017.
Chief Nfor Tabetando made this declaration in his recent come together at the Meme headquarters of Kumba.  

Tebetando adds to the many parliamentarians who are out on a national visit to their various divisions. 

It was during this visit that he made the declaration trying to make parents see the need of sending their children to school, saying they are the future leaders of Cameroon. 

The famers, business men, teachers and other authorities should be able to send their children to school, knowing the importance of education, the parliamentarian added. 

While the beginning of the usual school year approaches, many are still confused if schools will be effective in the English speaking regions of Cameroon. Those against school resumption have sent out daring notices which has scared many and parents contemplate sending their children to school. 

However, the English population hopes for the liberation of English leaders and citizens, an efficient government and a better redistribution of resources nationally. 

Our informants noted that Tabentando in his speech failed to address the issue of those incarcerated at the Kondengui prison, one which could add more flesh to his pleading. 

Many wonder how schools will resume if those to serve as teachers and students are locked up. Even education would demand perfect learning where there is no psychological pressure.  

We can only hope for better results in the days ahead, even after President Biya’s three man delegation to the UN and the ”US diaporans” would have completed their course. 

Their visit this August accompanied by technical adviser to the Prime Ministers office, Professor Fabien Nkot is one which is watched nationally.