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Village House, Kembong Cameroon
Firethorn Dr, Dallas TX, USA
Dallas 02/11/2010

Dallas 02/11/2010

The Arrey's Residence in Kembong

This is our small family house in Kembong village Manyu Division of the South West Region, Republic of Cameroon, and in Dallas, Texas United States of America.

The Republic of Cameroon is situated in Central Africa, and has a population of about 18 million inhabitants, spread over a surface area of 475 442 square kilometres (density of about 32 h/sq. kilometre) and has 10 Regions.

Main cities include Yaounde, the Capital (pop. 1 100 000 ), Douala economic Capital (pop. 1 300 000), Garoua, Bamenda, Nkongsamba, Limbe, Kumba, Mamfe. GNP per capita US$580; GNP growth rate: +4.2%; Time +1H GMT; Country code: 237; Currency: €1 = 655 FCFA; US$1=455 FCFA; £1=980 CFA. The Republic of Cameroon, United on the 20th May 1972 after a plebiscite, is bilingual in French and English, including over 200 ethnice tribes has a full democratic form of Government headed by Paul Biya, Head of State and National President of the ruling CPDM (Cameroon People's Democratic Movement) founded in 1985.

Colorado 06/21/2010

 Dallas 02/11/2010






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